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Made of a crystalline semiconductor material, connecting two electrical terminals, a diode can be thought of as of a check valve fitted into an electronic circuit. Its basic and most common function is to allow the flow of current in only one direction, which is referred to as the diode\\`s forward direction.


Various types of diodes are available which enable different kinds of applications like photo-detection, and in DVD and CD drives, laser pointers, etc. Schottky diodes are used in RF applications, rectifier applications and clamping diodes. Zener diode is widely used to provide a reference voltage. Solar cells and photometry use photodiode. They also act as capacitor and capacitor plates.


 Our product range includes point contact diode, signal diode, step recovery diode, gold doped diode, tunnel diode, Light Emitting diode, Laser diode, Avalanche diode, Schottky diode, Zener diode, Photodiode, varicap diode, rectifier diode and many more. 
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