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We offer our customers a comprehensive range of Electronic Transistors, which is appreciated for their performance, durability and quality. These are based on most advanced technologies, user-friendly designs and robust manufacturing. Our customers demand the transistors for the flexibility and reliability offered by them. These are used by our customers for a number of demanding applications across the sectors.
\r\nThe various types of Transistors offered by us include:
\r\n    * BD / BDX / BU / BUX / BC Series
\r\n    * 2N / 2SA / 2SB / 2SC / 2SD Series
\r\n    * MJ / MJE Series
\r\n    * TIP Series
\r\nThe various types of electronic transistors offered by us include:
\r\n    * Small Signal Transistors
\r\n    * Power Transistors
\r\n    * Switching Transistors
\r\n    * RF Transistors
\r\nThese transistors are available in the following ranges:
\r\n    * TO3
\r\n    * TO5
\r\n    * TO66
\r\n    * TO92
\r\n    * TO126
\r\n    * TO220
\r\n    * TO247
\r\n    *  TOP3
\r\nThese Transistors are available in the following makes:
\r\n    * ST
\r\n    * MOT
\r\n    * Philips
\r\n    * Samsung
\r\n    * Toshiba
\r\n    * Texas
\r\n    * MosPec
\r\n    * Mitsubishi
\r\n    * KEC
\r\n    * CDIL. BEL

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