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Dynamic Brake Resistors (DBRs) from Shruti mechatronicsWhen electric motor-driven machinery is stopped energy is created, which can be regenerated into the drive system through the motor itself acting as a generator. This braking energy needs either to be put back into the power supply or dissipated as heat. An external braking resistor provides a compact, cost effective method of controlling the braking and dissipating the excess energy produced.Shruti mechatronics supplies DBRs for any application, with power ratings from a few watts up to many megawatts and with any duty cycle.Suitable for any power rating and duty cycleSuitable for any make of driveStandard or custom designedCompact and economicalEnclosed, open banks or loose coilsStandard Dynamic Braking ResistorsContinuous powers up to 25kW, braking power up to 250kWDBR range of high capacity DBRs for regenerative braking are low cost, easy to specify, quick to install and with ratings to suit most commonly supplied inverter drives.Units can be supplied either from stock or can be manufactured within a few days.Continuous Powers to 100kW, braking power up to 1MWShruti mechatronics DBRs are suitable for continuous powers to 100kW. They are manufactured to order but built to a standard design and can be supplied in a few weeks.
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