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Semiconductor fuses are used in electrical systems to protect against excessive current. Its essential component is a metal wire or strip that melts when too much current flows, which interrupts the circuit in which it is connected. Because of this fast action, semiconductor fuses help to limit the short circuit current significantly. Semiconductor fuses are available in several different enclosures.


1. Fuse stops excessive current so that further damage by overheating or fire is prevented.
2. This over current protection device is essential in electrical systems to limit threats to human life and property damage.
3. Fuses are selected to allow passage of normal current and of excessive current only for short periods.

Some of the key features of our semi conductors fuses are as follows:

1.Low power dissipation
2.High current limitation
3.Resistance to corrosion

Our range of semiconductor fuses limit the short circuit current in various settings viz. domestic, hospitals, industries and thus ensure the long lasting usage. They are available in easy-to-use model with sustained high performance.

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